Technical Profile

  • Texture : Uniformly fine smoothy surface with natural bonding.
  • Odour : Milky
  • Moisture % by mass – NMT 60%
  • Fat % on Dry matter – NLT 50%


Nutritional Information of Paneer

Paneer is wholesome and the most nutritious food and that is the reason for it being part of menus world over.

  • 100 gms of paneer provides
  • Protein – 18.3 gms
  • Fat – 20.8 gms
  • Minerals – 2.6 gms
  • Carbohydrates – 1.2 gms
  • Energy – 265 kcal
  • Calcium – 208 mgs
  • Phosphorous – 138 mg

Some Nutrition facts about Paneer


  • Paneer is a good source of calcium, which in later years helps prevent osteoporosis.
  • Cheese provides 25% of the calcium in the food supply.
  • Paneer in moderation is associated with lower body weight as well as reduced risk of developing insulin resistance syndrome.
  • Paneer is a good source of protein and it reduces risk of cancer
  • According to Ayurveda paneer is healthy food and it can prevent stomach disorders.
  • It is supposed to help in lower back and joint pain.
  • It reduces risk of heart attack.


Moderate Fat, Great for Curries & Tikka Receipes and very Soft texture with enhanced milky odour. Available under the Brand name “Milky Mist”.

The Products are hygienically packed in multi layer thermoforming packaging, the first of its kind in india.

Our soft and creamy paneer comes in three variants, low fat, regular and malai. We have two packs to suit your family needs, 200gms for the small family and 1kg for the regular family. Our paneer gives your dishes that additional taste that makes them mouth watering and something that your family will cherish for a long time. Vaccum packed in a multilayered film, the 200gms and 1kg pack are processed and packed to maintain the freshness and also the texture that are the highlights. Paneer Versus Non – Vegetarian Food.

Red meat is fattening and consists of too much cholestrol People are repulsed by the idea of eating an animal.

Beef, pork and lamb are excellent sources of high quality protein, so are chicken, turkey, fish and tuna. All of these can be substituted for low fat dairy products such as yoghurt, cheese, milk, butter and paneer.

Fruits and vegetables gives us vitamins and help in our growth. Each fruit and vegetable has its own specialty. Paneer also contains phosphorus, minerals, vitamins and proteins which are required by athletes and more so children. Paneer has calcium which help us in having healthy bones The vitamins in paneer help us in having good skin, tissue growth and good eyesight. Though it is rich in calories it is pure, fresh, healthy and nutritious. Paneer has all the white goodness.



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