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Lassi has the same health benefits as yogurt or dahi in that it pacifies all three doshas, reduces acidity in the stomach, colonizes the gut with healthy bacteria, improves immunity, helps digestion and serves to keep the internal organs cool during hot summers.

Lassi is full of calcium, protein, carbohydrates, Vitamin A, B and riboflavin. For those with lactose intolerance, lassi is perfect since lactose is converted to galactose and glucose by bacterial action. Lactobacillus, as you know, is one of the “Good” bacteria you must have in your gut.

Lassi with cardamom and cinnamon improves appetite and keeps your brain in fine fettle.

Lassi, unsweetened, with salt or rock salt and cumin or jeera powder is a powerful coolant and digestive aid. By adding mint leaves, coriander and chopped onions, it also helps to keep you cool when temperatures are sky high at the peak of summer. Lassi gives maximum benefit when consumed around noon or with lunch. Whereas yogurt is considered heavy, lassi (yogurt blended with water) is considered in ayurveda as easy to digest and also as an aid to digesting food.

Lassi with crushed rose petals is very cooling and pacifies acidity. Almonds and bhang further enhance cooling properties of lassi but be warned, bhang could make you fall asleep.

Add the pulp of boiled raw mangoes to lassi and you get double benefit: cooling powers of lassi and that of raw mangoes; it helps you avoid sunstroke if you have to go out on hot summer days.

Lassi, prepared with curds made the traditional way, is probiotic, meaning it is full of friendly bacteria that help reduce cholesterol, improve metabolism and help your intestines absorb nutrients easily.

Add turmeric powder to lassi and you get the benefit of yogurt as well as turmeric, a known anti-carcinogen and helpful in a variety of ailments. You can just as well add grated ginger to lassi. What you get, in addition to the cooling properties of lassi are the benefits of ginger: improved digestion, improved appetite, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Those suffering from diarrhea can be given lassi as a rehydrating drink and also for the purpose of binding stools.

If you are on a weight loss program, you can substitute your afternoon meals with a couple of glasses of Lassi and never feel hungry throughout the day. Lassi is natural and probiotic, nutritious drink, far better than any other beverage.


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